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Our Goals Are To Grow Your Businesses

Do you feel like Amazon sellers are just looking out for themselves, and don’t really care about your brand? You’re right! We do it differently. We’re your partners from day one. Our goals are to grow both your and our businesses. And surprise, surprise! You won’t pay us for this. We’re willing to take on the risks of your Amazon business and purchase your inventory, because we’re confident that our Amazon expertise will help grow your brand awareness and sales, thus making it win-win for us both.


Enforcing MAP Policy

Are you fed up of Amazon sellers breaking your MAP policy? We hold your brand to its highest standard and always adhere to a MAP policy. If you don’t have a MAP policy, we help create one for you; if you do, we enforce it and make sure all of your re-sellers do too.

Rank At the Top of Searches

Are you having difficulty understanding why your sales on Amazon haven’t grown the way you would like? Or maybe they’ve even stagnated or dropped? We will transform your Amazon product listings to increase brand awareness, unique page visits, and ultimately higher conversion rates, leading to more sales. We’ll do this by recommending image and written content improvements, replying to your negative reviews, and advertising your brand.


The Value of Customer Service

With years of customer service experience we understand the value of customer service and how exceptional customer service equates to increased sales. As a result, we offer monitoring of customer reviews. We answer customer questions and utilize a follow up system for negative reviews in order to improve those experiences.

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